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What is Qi Gong and how does it work?

Our Qi Gong (“vital energy cultivation”) treatment is an ancient Chinese mindful movement and energy flow practice. Qi Gong works with the energy within us and all around us.  It is one of the cornerstones of Chinese medicine and was first developed from Daoist and Buddhist martial and spiritual traditions.


It is widely practiced for self-healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and is fast gaining awareness and popularity throughout the western world due to it's simple yet powerful results.

Qi Gong combines focussed body movements and postures with meditation, breathing techniques and self-massage. Qi Gong aims to work deep into the fascia whilst also nourishing the organs with our qi, life energy. This vital energy flows through our body’s energy channels known as meridians, a network of pathways where energy flows. It boosts our oxygen uptake and circulation. All the while the body remains in a relaxed state of flow and regains its natural ability to heal itself. 

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Who is Qi Gong for & what are the benefits?

The accessibility and ease of learning Qi Gong make it extremely straightforward for anyone to pick up. There is no age or ability limit to Qi Gong. In particular, it is beneficial for those recovering from illness, anyone with physical restrictions, and those involved with desk-bound work. 

The healing benefits of Qi Gong are often felt quite quickly.


Key Benefits:

1. Strengthens the efficiency of the immune and lymphatic system by engaging the circulatory system of the body to allow free flowing qi and blood.

2. Increases cardiovascular and respiratory function by focussing on deep belly breathing with slow and gentle movement, allowing oxygen to penetrate deeper into the tissue.

3. Decreases stress, particularly when many of us are living in a continuous state of stress and often preoccupied to be aware of the consequences. Qi Gong activates the relaxation response system which calms the mind, calms the body and allows healing to take place.

4. Strengthens the muscles and flexibility through simple postures and movements positively impacting on bone density.

5. Optimises internal organ function through good Qi flow. Specific Qi Gong exercises help to calm fraught emotions which in turn affect good organ function.

6. Improves quality of sleep through focussed slow body movement, meditation and deep breathing exercises.

Qi Gong is generally safe. However people with severe illness/conditions or are pregnant should always consult with their GP first.

Our Qi Gong London classes are great for both beginners and those who are more experienced at this very beneficial, energy flow practice.