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Reiki, Ikebana, Qi-Gong



The 2020 pandemic has reshaped and globally reset the traditional office working environment. Changes in the workplace and the dramatic increase in working remotely and virtually have without doubt impacted employees. For some working from home can be cramped, distracting and lonely. The lack of face-to-face engagement with co-workers and prolonged loneliness have shown to have an adverse effect on employee mental well-being. With these challenging work changes have come increased depression, anxiety and stress; whether working from home or adapting to new adjustments in the workplace. 


In Bloom Wellbeing offer a holistic approach to support employers and employees in keeping mentally well and physically fit so that they can thrive at work. We offer packages in Reiki, Ikebana and Qi-Gong either as group or one to one. 


Sessions can be tailored from 20 minutes up to 90 minutes depending on the choice of treatment and are offered as an ongoing weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly service.  We also offer bespoke wellness packages and events, excellent for individual treatments or as part of a team/group session. 


All that is required to carry out treatments/sessions is a quiet private space. For Reiki and Qi Gong, employees remain fully clothed throughout the treatment/session. Reiki takes place lying on a mat for groups, massage table for individuals or seated. Qi Gong takes place standing or seated. Ikebana classes are seated or standing at a table. 


All of these packages are tailored toward enhancing clarity of thought - leading to better decision making

supporting the immune system -  reducing sickness and absenteeism

increasing energy levels - boosting performance


All of the above treatments and sessions are excellent for reducing feelings of disconnect and guide individuals to focus on managing their own health with more awareness for a calmer and balanced life. 

You can contact me below to discuss the right package for your workplace.

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