Reiki, Ikebana, Qi-Gong



What is Ikebana?

Ikebana is the Japanese art form of flower arranging and dates back as far as the 7th Century. It is comparable with other three-dimensional art forms such as sculpture, pottery, and design and is beginning to gain much interest in Western societies. 

Creating Ikebana arrangements is the very essence of nature, emphasising the asymmetrical, the Yin and Yang, rhythm, shape, and form, all of which are part of our natural world.

In contrast to western-style arrangements where mass is more to make an impact, Ikebana brings our awareness to the interconnectedness of minimalism and sustainability. Ikebana encourages you to seek out materials in nature in all its stages of life and transform it into something extraordinary. By doing so you begin to see your natural environment in a very different way, appreciating beauty in all its imperfections (wabi sabi).


Do you love flowers?

Ikebana is a beautiful art form that allows you to express your creativity. It’s an ancient Japanese tradition that has been passed down for generations, but it’s also modern and exciting! You can learn how to create arrangements with ease in just one day. Classes are available throughout the week at our studio.

Are you ready to start creating stunning floral arrangements? Our classes are designed for beginners who want to learn the basics of ikebana flower arranging in a fun and supportive environment. We have several different class types depending on your schedule, including weekday morning sessions or weekend workshops. No matter what type of arrangement you want to make, we have something for everyone! Come join us today!


Who is Ikebana for & what are the benefits?

Ikebana, the delicate art of flower arrangement.  Ikebanas can be made for anyone and it begins with your intuition to connect with nature in this beautiful world around us! You don't need any particular skill set as you'll find out how simple these arrangements are when making them yourself. The spiritual aspect is more about desire than final outcome which means every arrangement will have its own unique style because even though we all end up creating something different from one another - our feelings change constantly while crafting so there's no telling what could come next based on those changes (and neither had I until now!). An intriguing form of self-expression that also teaches us patience has value; less may very well mean much more if given time.

Some of the Benefits:

1. Anyone can Ikebana! It begins with your intuition and interest to connect with nature, plants and flowers.

2. The spiritual aspect of Ikebana is more about the desire to create than the final outcome.

You create according to how feel in that moment which makes each arrangement unique and intriguing. A gratifying art form for self-expression and learning.

3. The spiritual and mediative qualities of Ikebana teach us less is more, to slow down and observe. All of which are at the heart of creating Ikebana.  

4. You are creating beautiful art that stimulates imagination, boosts self-esteem and connection with others.


5. Enriches creativity, provides a sense of accomplishment, promotes self-awareness, slows down the busy mind ultimately reducing stress. 

6. Like all art forms the practice of Ikebana is a life-long process. There is always something new to learn and discover.

In Bloom Well-being transcend the traditional principles of Ikebana to deliver a modern, fun and accessible interpretation of Ikebana. Book our Ikebana flower arrangement classes in London and discover an incredibly beneficial Japanese art form.